Bamboo Charcoal Bag

đź’ DIMENSION: 4x200g (6.5" x 5") and 2x50g (5.7" x 2.5")

đź’ ECO-FRIENDLY AIR PURIFIER: Our air purifying bags are filled with natural activated bamboo charcoal that are safe for kids and pets. Bamboo charcoal contains tiny porous holes that help create a healthy atmosphere in your home.

đź’ HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Activated charcoal are 10x porous than the regular charcoal, making it an effective absorber of bad odor, moisture, and other pollutants. Having these activated charcoal bags means no more foul odors in your kitchen, car, litter box, shoes, and gym bag.

đź’ LONG-LASTING & RECYCLABLE: Our charcoal air purifiers are reusable for up to 2 years. To reactivate it, simply place the bags in direct sunlight for 2 hours each month. This process rejuvenates the used bamboo charcoal and gasses out all the odor, moisture, and pollutants that it has absorbed.

đź’ HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle by using these nature fresh charcoal bags in your home. This is a great solution in eliminating harmful chemicals and pathogens that can make us extremely susceptible to a number of personal health issues.

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