Our Story

Jewelry is, and always has been, a staple in fashion. Simply supplementing your outfit with a few pieces can transform your look, and a lack thereof can dilute it significantly. Among all the different types you can find, fashion jewelry in particular is most sought after these days, as it’s perfectly suitable for any occasion and outfit you have.

Why We Created Rosa Vila Fashion Jewelry

Whereas fashion jewelry might have been a treat to wear on special occasions in the past, it’s certainly not the case these days. Every clothing brand and fashion outlet carries jewelry, whether it be high-end luxury labels or mass-produced budget brands. Unfortunately, customers tend to come across two different problems when it comes to jewelry from these stores — either the products are overpriced and unattainable, or they’re generic and have been reproduced into exhaustion.

To remedy this issue, we founded Rosa Vila, a jewelry brand where creativity and individuality is respected over profit. From our beginnings as a small shop based in Indiana to the global online store we are today, we’ve maintained the strong philosophy that our customers deserve products that are both original and expressive, all while remaining affordable. Unlike other brands that merely focus on producing and selling as many products as they possibly can, our goal is to ensure that every piece in our collection is significant to our customers.

Originality Of Rosa Vila Jewelry Products

If you’re in the market for unique and meaningful pieces to wear, Rosa Vila is your one-stop-shop. Our products have been designed with your interests in mind, with inspirations from everyday items that reflect your passions. In our collection, you’ll find all sorts of pieces to show people who you are, whether its through your love of animals, your dedication to science, your adoration for nature, etc.

Enjoy A Sense of Exclusivity in Our Jewelry Range

In addition to offering fresh and original products, Rosa Vila prides itself on providing a sense of exclusivity to our clientele. Our products are available solely on select websites, allowing us to stay distinct and genuine among brands that are more commonplace and mainstream. As an Amazon exclusive brand, we also partner closely with the e-commerce website to provide our customers with safe, efficient browsing and payments. With the choice of purchasing our jewelry either through Amazon or directly through the Rosa Vila website, you can shop with ease and confidence.

A Familiar Environment of Support

Rosa Vila began as an intimately-sized shop aimed at customers who are truly passionate about unique products relevant to their interests, and remains so to this day. With a small team at hand, every individual at Rosa Vila is dedicated to making our brand your top choice for fashion jewelry. We’re a family here, and our hope is to provide an environment where our customers feel equally as comfortable shopping with us.

Help or advice about your purchase is just a few clicks away, so please feel free to contact us via e-mail at any time and we’ll respond post haste.

If you’d like to lend your support or have any other comments about Rosa Vila, check out our numerous social media accounts at Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Your voice is always welcome, and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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