Swiftie Candle

💠 Perfect as Gifts for Swifties: These wood wick candles are a thoughtful way of showing love to your friends and family ! It is a great taylor gifts, birthday gifts for swifties, and swiftie gifts for Christmas and special occasions!
💠 Long-lasting Scent: With its lavender and sage scent, these wood wicked candles will surely make the room smell refreshing and relaxing for hours! This is a great addition to the living room, bedroom, bathroom, home office, or any part of the home. This is one of the best swifty gifts, swiftie gifts for girls, and a great celebrity candle gift!
💠 Gift Ready: Our scented candle comes with a beautiful box which makes it a unique Swiftie gift. No need to buy a separate gift wrap or box because this is gift-ready! Ideal as a celebrity candles and music candle - themed gift.
💠 Designed with Love in Austin, TX: These wood candle wicks are specifically crafted to be the best gift for any special occasions! Not only does it have a fun label design, this candle is also designed to last up to 50 hours. Whether it's a swiftie candle, gifts for a swiftie, or taylor gifts, our candles make every moment special.
💠 Premium Quality: Our 9 oz scented wood wick candle is made from 100% natural soy wax which gives a slow and clean burn. It is also vegan and cruelty free. What a heartfelt swiftie gifts for girls and birthday gifts for swifties. 

Type: Candles

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