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July 29, 2018

How to Wear Your Trendy Summer Pieces in Fall

You may have bought a few trendy pieces this summer, thinking:

“I'll wear this all the time! I'll buy this trendy piece and become a fashionista who puts major effort into all her outfits."

But maybe those pieces have sat in your closet all summer, gathering dust, because you just don’t know how to incorporate them into the rest of your wardrobe.

Cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to give up hope on rocking some of the cutest trends that you’ve bought into. 

We’re going to discuss some of this summer’s top trends, and then explain and show how to integrate them with your fall pieces in a few weeks!

These looks would be perfect for a back-to-school first day, revamping your office wardrobe, or a date night!

Fruit Prints: Dresses & Blouses

Any fruity print is a major throwback piece to the era of cute picnicking, glamorous hats, and baking pies. This trend is versatile—there’s the possibility of a subtle print, or a loud, bright print. You can go big or go small, which makes this sweet print a great one to try out, no matter your style!

Lemon Fruit Print Navy Romper

Largo Drive Capulet Gabby Mini Dress

When fall hits, pair a fruit print blouse with a simple skirt in a complementary color palette for a great way to incorporate the print into your everyday office or school wardrobe.

With a bolder print, it’s best to keep the accessories simple—if you want to complement the print rather than drown it out with bold jewelry.

If it’s a dress or romper you’re rocking, try layering on a neutral green jacket with a longer, fingertip-length cut—it’ll juxtapose the hyper-feminine silhouette of most fruit print pieces. 

Old Navy Twill Field Jacket


Bright Tassel Earrings

The fun and flirty tassel earrings you’ve been rocking all spring and summer long can easily transition into the cooler weather as well.

Pull back some of your hair if you want the tassels to stand out—whether this is a topknot, high ponytail, dutch braid, or a half-up. On the flip side, if you want the tassels to act as a more subtle accessory, keep your hair down and flowy.

Ellena Rose Bright Boho Tassel Earrings

Ellena Rose Bright Boho Tassel Earrings

The same goes for a bold lip and for other accessories—go big if you want to, but for work and school everyday, you may want to pair the tassels with minimalistic bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Depending on your style and wardrobe, pair daintier jewelry with your bold tassel earrings.

The best way to style a bold tassel earring is with darker colors to transition the bright hues into fall. Try pairing any brightly colored tassel earring with a navy or black shirt or dress—it will complement the pink, blue, green, orange, or red earring.H&M Wide-sleeved Blouse in Navy

H&M Wide-sleeved Blouse

Don’t be afraid to mix textures with your tassel earrings—if you have fabric yarn tassels, they’ll add some interest to an outfit with various textured elements such as denim, leather, and textile fabrics. 

Small Sunglasses: 90s Style

Those tiny sunglasses you bought to peer over, inspired by Rihanna, that you may not have ended up wearing—don’t have to end with the summer heat. Take those shades to school or work by pairing them with more laidback, relaxed pieces.

Pretty Little Thing Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Pretty Little Thing Cat Eye Skinny Sunglasses

To ensure that you don’t look uptight in these glam shades, add that coolgirl vibe with casual styles and textures.

Ideal pieces to pair with the sunglasses are jean jackets, boyfriend jeans, and loose kimonos. These coolgirl pieces will show off the best of the narrow sunglass shape.

Topshop Oversize Denim Jacket

Topshop Oversize Denim Jacket

As for accessories, pair your 90s glasses with daintier jewelry styles—the laidback approach will go a long way in complementing your look, so you look modern rather than mimicking the 90s style to a T with chunkier jewelry styles and bright makeup. Keep it cool, keep it simple, keep it clean.

Key to Styling Trendy Summer Pieces for Fall

Overall, the key to transitioning your bright and trendy summer styles to fall is balance. For work or school, we tend to tone it down from the bold looks that we might wear on vacation.

Be sure to mix fabrics and textiles, add layers to cope with colder mornings and evenings, and mix up the footwear by slipping on shoes more comfortable for wearing during long days.

Mix fall classics with your summer trends! You'll ensure that your newer pieces have a life past the few weeks you wore them over summer vacay.

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